Aviator Reviews

Aviator is perhaps the most popular online game of this decade. In recent years, it has been confidently holding the top ranking of all well-known online casinos. It is played by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Dozens of positive reviews about Aviator speak for themselves.

Of course, Aviator can be played and won by following a certain strategy. Thoughtless keystrokes are unlikely to lead to success. We have collected feedback from real players about the game Aviator. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, advice from real people will help you better understand how to play Aviator. Read, draw conclusions and start playing Aviator Spribe.

Aviator: player reviews and comments

Review: Aviator - a great way to earn money


To go to work? No, it hasn't been for me for a long time. I prefer to stay at home, with a glass of wine after dinner, and quietly earn a living. With Aviator, I know for sure that today I will not only be able to eat deliciously in an expensive restaurant, but I am also sure that my children will have enough for a good education, and my wife will not think about which store to buy food, clothes, or new shoes.

Yes, gambling is a risk. Many people spend all their money, get into debt, and some even end up on the street. People forget that gambling is a very dangerous activity. Approach it with a cool head. In addition to self-control, you need to read a lot more. I was helped in this by the strategies and tactics that I found on this site. A year of playing completely changed my life. At first, it was a side job, but today slots, poker and crash games are the main sources of income for me.

Michael, 52

Review: Don't make hasty decisions


When the guys who made this site advise you to try Aviator in test mode first, not everyone listens to them. And what is the result? And as a result, a hundred losing comrades complain that they did not know how to play, that all these reviews are complete bullshit. I did not throw myself into the pool with my head. Before registering, I carefully read everything, tried the game for several days, and tested it. The result is a good win every day. I don't see any issues with withdrawing money either. Casinos on this site give away winnings without any problems.

Deimon, 38

Review: Better than a game about a guy with a jetpack


There are many variations of this game. There is a cruel crash, in which the plane just rips to shreds. There is also a lucky jet, on which a hipster flies on a jet in a backpack. Just like the thrill-seekers in Dubai. Maybe someone likes this bourgeois aesthetics, but I don't. I prefer the good old Soviet aeroplane. Red, like the great Red Army. This is how a normal, patriotic game should be.

Alexander, 65

Review: A good Aviator game with convenient analytics


When I started gambling, I was looking for something similar for a long time. At first, I tried slots. But it is impossible to predict the outcome of the game. Yes, pure excitement, but the excitement is unpredictable. And I need control. You need to understand how much, when and why you won the game. In this regard, Aviator is one of the best gambling games. There are a lot of statistics here. You can see the previous bets, those who played in the previous rounds, the bets of the best players, and most importantly, you can see whether there is a winning or losing streak. I have something to compare. But you have to deal with complex graphs. We analyze big data, make forecasts, and look at trends. In the Aviator, they are also well visible. You can understand when good odds will play. For me, this is the only game that can be safely compared to Forex or stock markets.

Tommy, 47

Review: Aviator is a great part-time job for a student


For students, an easy part-time job is the only way to have anything for lunch. But it is extremely difficult to find it. Either they don't pay you anything at all, or they pay you little and ask you to plough all day for it. But I prefer to play. It is not yet possible to bet large amounts, but having a mower on the balance sheet, every day it turns out to withdraw 30-40 dollars. Lunch is enough, and the rest of the time you have to study.

Samuel, 19

Review: Aviator - a game with the most reliable algorithms


I play Aviator in different online casinos because of the bonuses that the casinos give. Not only is the game itself very reliable, but also due to bonuses, you can get free money on bets. I don’t understand the complex schemes by which winnings are formed in slots. That's why I don't play slots at all. In Aviator, at least with the help of a calculator, you can check the result. And the mechanics of the game itself is very understandable, and predictable.

Thomas, 26

Review: Big winnings are not a problem


I started playing Aviator at the minimum stakes. Slowly collected a good amount of money in my wallet. Now I'm making bets of 5-7 hundreds of dollars. Double and triple odds drop out very often. So earning the average salary of a teacher at school in 5 minutes is not a problem. Yesterday I cashed out 5,000 dollars in an hour of play. At the same time, there were only 150 dollars in the wallet. So consider whether it is profitable to play Aviator.

Evans, 36

Review: Careful with x1.1 coefficients


Be careful with minimum odds. They drop out often enough, especially so that the smart ones who play at 1.1 bets break off a lot. Many of them put the Aviator on automatic and go for a smoke. As a result, they remain with a zero balance. In my opinion, it is necessary to use slot machine wisely. It is good when playing with two bets, and if there is one bet, you can press it with your fingers.

Steven, 18

Review: Found a lot of new friends in Aviator


We now have a small group in town. We all played Aviator, met in a chat, and started chatting on WhatsApp. It turned out that there are a lot of players. All of us are 35-and 40, and we all have jobs and children. Some mothers stay at home. Everyone lacked communication. This is how we started talking. At meetings, we share practices, who plays and what bets he makes. We speak for life. I never thought that I would have online casino friends. I thought it was worse than dating sites. But it turned out that not everything is so bad. By the way, at one of these meetings, I met my boyfriend. Now we play together ... and not only in online games.

Jannet, 34

Review: With Aviator you always have money


The Aviator always displays the number of players who won this round. Each time their number does not decrease. In general, 30-40% of players remain in the black. And surprisingly, they all sit at the minimum rates. Rarely in the top, some characters were able to withdraw a tenfold win. I think these guys have balls of steel. I can't wait 20 seconds without pressing the button. But, a significant part of people always has money.

Dennis, 23

Review: Aviator - just a pleasure


I don't play for money. That's not mine. Well, I like to play. It saves that in many casinos you can play Aviator for free. For pleasure, this is enough for me through the roof. The most important thing is that with a demo balance you can check how strong your nerves are. My husband doesn't know how to take risks. Here the button is pressed almost immediately. And I managed to wait both 10 and 15 seconds. In short, adrenaline and pleasure. I recommend it to everyone.

Adelais, 25

Review: 1000 dollars in the first round!


Today I played for money for the first time. I downloaded the Aviator to my phone and put only 500 dollars on my balance so as not to risk too much. I bet 100 and 100 dollars, as recommended on this site, one bet was double, and on the second I caught the jackpot. The second bet played with a factor of six times more. As a result, in the first round, I earned more than 1000 dollars. Now I will not stop playing. This site works, as well as the strategies on it. I advise everyone.

Max, 22

Review: Great pleasure for me


I never considered myself a gambler. Moreover, I always considered slots to be a boring activity, because nothing depends on you there. You press the button and wait for the result, more precisely, the loss in most cases. But the Aviator is a completely different matter. A lot depends on the player here. It feels like more than 50% of success is the actions of the player. Sometimes the algorithms work so that you lose. But in 90-95% of the rounds you can cash out, it all depends on you. It is important to find a balance between risk and the desire to earn as much as possible.

Victor, 23

Review: Aviator is the best online game for money


As soon as I start to play, adrenaline and rushing. I feel the risk right now. I can't say that I lose a lot. I usually play for about 30 minutes and either win a little, or lose more often, but not much, 30-50 dollars. To be honest, I'm willing to pay such a high. For me, excitement and adrenaline come first in Aviator. I usually expect high odds and get high from such a risk. Friends say that he could have won, playing a little more rationally. What for? Some go to the movies, some go bowling. And my free time activities are adrenaline from playing Aviator.

Jacob, 32

Review: Never played one game for so long


Never stick to one game for long. It's always fun to try different ones. And the Aviator is addictive. The idea is simple - the plane takes off and you need to withdraw money before the plane takes off. You can play Aviator for hours. I recently played for almost 3 hours straight. And the graphics are full of better games. There are a lot of bright and interesting slots. But the Aviator creates intrigue every time the plane takes off. All rounds are different from each other. That's what's interesting.

Brandon, 25

Review: I play Aviator with my friends


For some reason, it is believed that slots and online casinos are a male topic. Very in vain. The girls and I love to play games. Moreover, everyone has different tastes and it rarely happens that we all like the same game. Aviator is an exception because everyone likes it. And the most interesting thing is that you can then discuss with the boys how to play Aviator. Well, how to discuss it… They sit and complain that Aviator rarely has x100 odds, and you suddenly say that, of course, it’s rare and you generally need to play at x2 and higher odds. You should have seen their faces!

Julia, 19

Review: very smart game


I don’t know how to play cards, I don’t understand winning combinations in slots, and I don’t perceive roulette as a game at all. And the Aviator came in ... After all, the truth is a very cool game. Doesn't bother you with complicated rules, but not for the dumb either. Everything is clear, you can win, but you need to come up with a whole strategy for how to win in Aviator. And once you figure it out, the money will come.

Miranda, 28

Review: the great Aviator game


I have nothing bad to say about the Aviator. You can play, you can even win. You need to play carefully and follow the statistics, which will tell you reasonable options.

John, 32

Review: I have been playing Aviator for 2 years


I started playing Aviator 2 years ago when I studied at high school. Since then there have been breaks, but I've been playing constantly for 2 years and still haven't gotten bored. The aviator helps to escape from the routine.

Matthew, 20

Review: Aviator is a fantastic game


I've been playing intermittently for 2 years now. And I want to say that I have never seen a better game all the time. You can find interesting slots that will bring money and pleasure from the game, but only for a short time. You won't get any further. And Aviator never gets boring and that's the most amazing feature of playing Aviator.

Alex, 27