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A lot of players who are just starting their path in the world of online casinos often have the same question: which game is better to choose for the big winnings? It would be possible to answer it in different ways, saying that - There is no taste or colour of comrades, and you only need to choose what you like, but for us the answer is obvious. You need to choose the best, which means Aviator!

Aviator is one of the best real money games offered by online casinos. For two years at once - in 2020 and 2021 - the game has firmly entered the top of the most popular games in famous online casinos in around the world.

These numbers speak for themselves. After all, if you think about it, in various online casinos there are often more than 7,000 different slots and games. Therefore, to get to the top and earn the respect of a large number of players, game must meet the highest requirements and have a set of functions that will satisfy even the most demanding players. Below we will talk about why the Aviator is so unique and why you should choose it to play.

Aviator game rules

Another essential factor that allowed the Aviator game to gain incredible popularity is the game interface of the application.

The main Aviator window is divided into several fields. The field where the main game process takes place is displayed on the right. Here, in each round, a red plane makes its flight. Under the playing field, there is a bet management window. The player can either play independently, making manual bets each time, or by setting the game to automatic mode. In the latter case, pre-programmed automatic bets will be played.

Aviator allows each player to double their luck. Indeed, in each round, you can bet not on one, but two coefficients at once. This option is advantageous during the game according to the strategies and tactics we have proposed.

Above the playing field is a list of coefficients that played in the previous round, and on the left is a block with tabs that display:

  • a list of players with their bets and winnings;
  • the player's bets made in previous game rounds;
  • top bets that played in the previous round.

Such detailed statistics allow even not the most experienced players to analyze the course of the game in order to make effective bets. Aviator allows everyone to make money on gambling!

Game chat in Aviator Spribe

Playing with friends is undoubtedly much more fun. This is what the developers of Aviator Spribe have relied on. They introduced a game chat where you can discuss the results of each game, predictions for the next round, or just chat about life. Often, successful players publish the size of the upcoming bet in the chat so that everyone can earn money on the Aviator. In the chat, you can also see requests to share money. They are published both by over gamblers who got carried away and did not notice how they squandered all their money, and not by the most conscientious casino visitors who are simply begging. Be careful. To avoid fraud, never transfer money to strangers.

Aviator Spribe Reliability

Success would not have been possible without a high level of security. The Aviator algorithm is highly transparent and secured with Provably Fair. The winning coefficient is formed even before the start of the round and does not depend on the online casino in any way. Thus, we can say that Aviator is the most reliable and honest game that allows you to enjoy the excitement in its purest form.

The winning coefficient is formed based on the so-called seeds. These are four keys that are stored on completely different devices. One of them is a server of an online casino itself. The remaining three other three are computers, phones or tablets of the players who made bets. From the combination of these keys, the hash code of the game is automatically inserted. It is saved in the settings in the main menu of the game. Thus, the results are as transparent as possible for all players.

The correctness of the data formation can always be checked on one of the independent sites. For example, any online calculator is suitable for this.

Aviator is an online game, which means that its reliability depends on the speed and stability of the Internet connection. However, players have nothing to worry about in this. If the connection is interrupted, the current bet will be returned to the game wallet. In the event of a communication problem on the side of the online casino, all results will be cancelled and bets will be refunded to the players in full. These things happen very rarely, so you don't need to worry about the reliability of the game.

How to play Aviator

Playing Aviator is as simple as possible. Before the start of the round, you need to select the desired amount and click on the Bet button, and as soon as the game starts, you need to have time to click on the Cash Out button. The player would receive a win if he managed to press the button while the plane has not yet departed and just gaining altitude. The casino will multiply his bet by the size of the coefficient and automatically pay out the winnings to the game account.

How to play Aviator in automatic mode

Professional players will be interested in the automatic mode, which is also available in the game Aviator. It is activated on a special tab on the betting panel. You should be careful here because if this mode is activated, the machine will place bets on its own. But you will need to play it yourself. That is, each time you have to press the cashout button yourself.

For those who want full automation of the process, the automatic cashout mode is also available. It is especially useful for those who are used to earning at minimum odds. If you set the machine to work with a low coefficient, then in a few minutes it will be possible to double the game balance. The main thing is to always remember that after a series of winning rounds, one coefficient may fall. In this case, the winnings of previous rounds can simply burn out. Read more about certain methods of playing Aviator on the strategy and tactics page.

Aviator bets and odds

Aviator will be available to gamblers with a variety of wallet sizes. It is possible to place bets from 10 cents. This means that both beginners and experienced players will test their gaming tactics without spending a lot of money.

You can increase or decrease the bet either by entering the amount manually or by clicking on the plus and minus buttons to the right and left of it, respectively. There are also quick buttons in the betting window that allow you to bet 0,1, 10, 50 or 100 dollars. This is especially convenient since, in the case of a manual change in the rate, the minimum step is only one euro.

The maximum bet in Aviator is 100 dollars. But taking into account the fact that the game allows you to make two bets at once, you can risk a more serious amount. One is the lowest game coefficient in the game Aviator. Even though it drops out quite rarely (about once every 30-50 rounds), its appearance can result in the loss of serious amount of money. Most often this happens when playing in automatic mode. Therefore, it is always worth keeping an eye on the length of the winning streak.

Quite often, the so-called minor rounds fall out in the game. These are rounds in which the odds drawn are only x1.1 or x1.2. According to statistics, they appear in 10% of games. Breaking a real jackpot in the game Aviator is a great success. On average, once every 250-300 rounds, truly fabulous odds fall out up to half the maximum bet. In the game Aviator, it reaches x200 points. In other words, odds of x100 or higher appear as often as you would like but can bring amazing winnings.

Only real gamblers can hope for such great luck. Most professionals resort to a strategy in which odds with a value of x2, x3 or x4 fall out.

Where to play Aviator

Being one of the most popular, the Aviator game is presented in almost every online casino. You can try the game Aviator for free. Many gaming platforms offer a solid test balance for beginners. Below is a list of the most reliable online casinos that offer the Aviator game.

How to play for money in game Aviator

You can feel all the charm of the game and hit a good jackpot only if you play for money. Replenishment of the account will not take much time and will allow you to earn money on this popular gambling game right now. As a rule, after registration in the upper right corner of the screen, you will see a button for your profile and/or ways to replenish the balance. Enter the desired amount by choosing a convenient method of replenishing your account.

Aviator Interface

Another important reason that allowed the game Aviator to gain incredible popularity is the game interface. The main window of Aviator is divided into several fields. On the right is the field where the main game takes place. In each round, this is where the flight of the aircraft takes place, for which we all carefully observe. Under the playing field there is a window for managing bets. The player can play independently, making a manual bet each time, and / or set the game to automatic mode. In the latter case, the withdrawal will occur at a predetermined coefficient.

The Aviator allows each player to double their luck. After all, in each round you can bet not once, but twice at the same time. This option is very useful when playing with suggested strategies and tactics.

Above the playing field is a list of coefficients played in the previous round, and on the left is a block with tabs showing:

  • List of players with their bets and winnings;
  • The player's own bets played in previous rounds;
  • The best bets from the previous round.

These highly detailed statistics allow even the most inexperienced players to analyze the game in order to place effective bets. Aviator allows everyone to earn real money!

Aviator FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the online game Aviator

Who is the developer of Aviator?

The developer of the Aviator game is the world famous studio Spribe.

Can I play Aviator for free?

Yes, many online casinos provide access to a demo version of Aviator, which means it is free to play. With a trial balance, you don't get any money if you win, but you also don't lose anything if you lose. Enjoy the game.

How can I win at Aviator?

Tens of thousands of players win real money on Aviator every day. Your strategy depends on your willingness to take a risk, the amount in your betting account and following your tactics. And a little luck.

What is the minimum bet in Aviator?

The minimum bet on Aviator is 10 cents.

What is the maximum bet in Aviator?

The maximum bet on Aviator is $100.

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